Month: March 2021

Spring Break! Don’t forget your Sunglasses

Last year many of us had to put our spring break plans on hold. This year, we are thinking we need to make up for lost time! Using this time while the kids are out of school for some much-deserved R&R should be the priority if you ask us. We have a few tips to help keep you and your family’s eyes healthy as well as utilize this time for a little productivity…just a little!

Luckily, we have already started to feel warmer summer-like temperatures so there should be no reason spring break can’t be spent by the neighborhood pool! 

Maybe you are planning to get out of town for a bit, heading to the lake? Beach? Pool? River? We are making up for lost time here people, why not all four?!

If you are planning to spend some time by any pool or body of water over the break a couple things to remember:


It is important to always make sure the kiddos have goggles on if they plan to open their eyes underwater. While chlorine is thought to be the culprit of dry burning eyes, usually the debris in public pools is what causes eye discomfort. Wearing goggles will ensure that both the debris and chlorine stay out of their eyes! This is helpful in natural bodies of water as well, since they are not regulated for debris and bacteria.


If you are a contacts wearer, please remember to take out your contacts before going into a pool. If you were to wear contacts in the pool it could make them shrink, which is uncomfortable and can even lead to eye damage. Worst case you could end up with an infection.


As we have discussed many times before, always wear sunglasses when you are out in the sun. These will help keep your eyes protected against the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. You wear sunscreen, right? Sunglasses are just as important!

Call TriCounty Eye Associates

Lastly, since spring break is a time when kids are out of school, what better time to schedule your visit to TriCounty Eye Associates? It is so important to get eye exams yearly, and you may need new glasses, sunglasses or contacts. Why not schedule it when you know you and the kiddos are going to be free?

Call us today to schedule your appointment. Whether you need new glasses, contacts or a stylish new pair of sunglasses to wear by the pool, we have got you covered!

Your Sleep and Vision

As the second month of 2021 has come to an end, how many of you have kept your new Year resolutions? We hope you are using this year to make healthy choices for yourself and our family! We are sure you are all aware by now that we here at TriCounty Eye Associates are very concerned with keeping our customer’s eyes healthy. It turns out that, most of the same recommendations for a healthy lifestyle are also recommendations for keeping your eyes healthy and happy! Today, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the connection between your eye vision and your sleep habits.

How much sleep do you need?

It is recommended that the average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of good sleep to give your body enough time to recover each night.
What eye health symptoms should you look out for?
If you are not getting enough sleep, indicators could be…

If you have any of these symptoms it could be that you need to dedicate more time to sleep!

Sleep Apnea and Glaucoma
Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can cause you to stop breathing during your sleep. Glaucoma is an eye disease we have talked about before, but it can lead to loss of vision.
There have been studies done that link glaucoma with sleep apnea. During your routine eye exam with us here at Tricounty Eye Associates, your doctor could be able to spot signs of sleep apnea due to changes in eyelids, retina or vision. This is another great reason to get regular exams, so your doctor has comparisons from year to year.

Tips for a better night’s sleep and lasting vision health

It can be hard to wind down after long day of work and family pressures. If you find yourself having trouble getting the recommended amount of sleep and consequently developing some eye symptoms, try these:
  • Dry eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Bags under your eyes Eye twitches/spasms Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision

  Set a bedtime and stick to it.

  • Turn off all electronics 30 minutes prior to your selected bedtime.
  • Unwind by reading, listening to music or meditating.
  • Create a dark, cool comfortable environment in your bedroom.

Never forget, Tricounty Eye Associates are here for you through every step of your eye health journey. Always check back here for more tips on spotting potential issues in the future. Don’t forget to schedule your yearly exam for yourself and your loved ones!