We feel very strongly that one of the best ways to help our patients is to arm you with knowledge. Today we are focusing on Eyebrow and Eyelash Enhancement. If we make sure to inform you of all things related to your eye health, it helps you to be more aware and take control.

What are the treatments?

One trend that has popped up over the last few years is eyebrow and eyelash enhancement. This could be wanting to make your eyebrows darker by dying them or getting a treatment at a salon to make your eyelashes longer. A few common enhancements include:

  • Tinting – when a semi-permanent dye is applied to your eyebrows to make them look darker
    and fuller
  • Microblading – This is when a permanent pigment is tattooed on the skin under your eyebrows to
    make them appear darker and fuller.
  • Lamination – this is when a cream is applied to your eyebrows, once sculpted into the desired
    shape, it can last for several weeks.
  • Eyelash Perm – this is when your eyelashes are coated with an adhesive and then curled with a
  • Eyelash Lift – this involved combing the eyelashes while using an adhesive and chemical lotion, this procedure is meant to make your eyelashes grow upward instead of outward.

As the beauty standard changes with society, people have adapted and tried to find new ways to make themselves look better. While the above enhancements have become popular, we want to point out why you may want to think a little harder before getting them.

What are the Risks?

It is important to note, that cosmetic companies are not required to share their safety data or consumer complaints. This means that there is no official record of the effects some of these products can have on your health.

The permanent tints and dyes they use have caused serious eye injuries. Since the FDA cannot regulate salons, it falls to the local governments to regulate them. Not all states have the same regulations or any regulations when it pertains to these types of treatments.

If Eyebrow and Eyelash Enhancement is something you are interested in doing, do some extra research into the salon you are going to and the types of dyes they use. If you can go with something less permanent it could save you some issues down the road.

As always, if any issues arise with your eyes, make an appointment with us at TriCounty Eye Associates. If we can catch an issue early, you may avoid long-term effects.