In our world these days, with so much information readily available, it is easy for misinformation to get spread around. We think it would be a good idea to bring to light some of the myths about eyes and give you the facts.

Let’s start with the myths we know you all hear growing up:

1. Sitting close to the TV can damage your eyes – while a lot of parents may not like it, sitting too close to a TV will not permanently damage a child or adult’s eye health. It could cause temporary eye strain or headaches. Something to pay attention to if a child is sitting very close to the television could signal nearsightedness.

2. Eating carrots will improve your vision-carrots are good for you, don’t get us wrong. They do have many vitamins and minerals good for your overall health. They also possess a large amount of vitamin A which helps maintain healthy eyesight. Unfortunately, though, they will not improve your eyesight and keep you from needing glasses and contacts that you already wear.

3. If you cross your eyes, they will stay that way if we had a nickel for every time we have heard this one! Your eyes are designed to move around. This won’t happen, but it’s still fun to scare the kids with!

4. Only Males can be color blind-this myth stems from the fact that males are more likely to be color blind, but that doesn’t mean women can’t be.

Now let’s talk about the myths you hear when you were older:

5. Eye exercises can improve vision-this one just isn’t true. If you already have vision problems, eye exercises will not improve your vision or keep you from needing glasses or contacts.

6. Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes-while low light might make it harder to see the words, it will not damage your eyesight. It could cause temporary eye strain and headaches but nothing long-term will come of it.

7. Wearing glasses or contact lenses will make you dependent on them-this one just isn’t true. If you need glasses or contacts, wearing them will not make your vision worse. Glasses and contacts will only help you.

8. Eye problems cause learning disabilities -this one comes from the fact that sometimes vision issues can be mistaken for learning disabilities. Eye problems are separate from learning disabilities, but if your children are having trouble in school it’s best to look at all possible causes. This is one of the many reasons we recommend yearly eye exams at the start of every school year.

9. Losing Vision is an inevitable part of aging-Losing vision does not have to be inevitable. The best way to combat possible eyesight issues as you age is to keep up your regular yearly eye exams. A lot of eye problems can be caught early and treated.

10. All eye doctors are the same-Now we don’t know who said this one….but if you are one of our patients we know it wasn’t you! TriCounty Eye Associates pride itself on being the best eye care practice for our patients. We are continuously staying up to date on the newest information and technology to serve you better. We are a family here and treat our customers as such. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with us, call and make your appointment today!

Our source for this information was the American Academy of Ophthalmology. They have a longer list of myths on their website. If you are looking for more information on this topic, visit