Month: November 2021

2021 Is Coming to a Close Use Your Vision Benefits

It’s that time of year again! Time to look at your Vision benefits and evaluate your health savings options to see if you need to use it before you lose it. We see it happen all the time, you contribute to your FSA all year long, but before you know it December rolls around and you need to use what you have saved.

Many employers offer different types of health savings accounts. While we know this time of year can be busy enough, we wanted to try to help weed through the different kinds of health savings.

Two Major Health Savings Options

FSA-Flexible Spending Account

This type of account is the type you want to plan carefully how much you save. This type of account can be used to help pay for copay deductibles and prescriptions. You don’t pay any taxes on this money so it can be helpful to contribute throughout the year if you can accurately estimate your family’s needs. This is the one to watch though, if you still have funds in there this late in the year, you want to make sure to use them.

HSA-Health Savings Account

This type of account also allows you to put in pretax dollars, but you don’t have to worry about losing the funds at the end of the year.

Whether you have an HSA or an FSA TriCounty Eye Associates could be the perfect use of those hard-earned dollars you put aside for health expenses. Maybe you or someone in your family needs new glasses or sunglasses? Maybe you just haven’t made the time yet this year to schedule your yearly appointment? That brings us to our next point…

Vision Insurance Limitations

Another part of your insurance you want to be aware of is the Vision Plan you have. Depending on the type of plan you have you may be limited to a certain number of frames, lenses, contacts, or eye exams per year. Make sure you get it in during the calendar or plan the year your plan supports. You pay for these benefits so don’t let them go to waste!

Call us today to schedule your end-of-the-year appointment and make sure to utilize your vision benefits in every way possible.

What can a Cold Compress do to Your Eyes?

Sometimes a home remedy is exactly what you need. You know that everyone one of our moms have put a cold compress on our foreheads or eyes at one point or another in our lives. While we may not have understood the direct correlation, we are here to explain how this can and will help if you have eye discomfort.

What can a cold compress do?

Using a cold compress can help to alleviate many different eye problems, especially ones that are less serious and do not require a trip to the eye doctor. You may want to consider a cold compress for:

  • Dry eye
  • Pinkeye
  • Eye Pain
  • Dark Circles or Bags under the eye

How to Make a Cold Compress

They can be made out of household items such as a clean towel, ice pack, or frozen food pack.

Clean towel – run the clean towel under water, ring it out so it is damp and not wet. Put that towel in a freezer bag and seal it. Leave it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Remove from the plastic bag and use it right away.

Ice Pack – place ice into a plastic bag that seals. Break the ice into small pieces and then warp the sealed plastic bag with a clean towel.

Frozen food pack – this one is a bit more creative if you don’t have access to the first two options. Find some frozen veggies like peas or corn, pour some into a plastic bag that seals. Wrap that plastic bag with a clean towel.

How to use a Cold Compress

The best way to see the most benefits and alleviate any discomfort is to gently place whichever cold compress you chose to make on your affected eye while your eye is shut. It is recommended that you leave the cold compress on for 15 minutes max at one time. You can repeat if needed. It is best, however, to make sure you are not putting ice directly on your skin as that will irritate it further.

We of course always want you to come to see us if you need us, but in some cases, it is helpful to know a home remedy that will keep you comfortable through some minor eye discomfort.

Please always be sure to seek medical attention if you feel like it could be more serious. If your pain or swelling lingers after trying a cold compress give us a call to make an appointment to get your eye checked out.