Calling all lovers of that warm cup of happiness! You know that morning cup of coffee feeling?? This blog is for you!

As of 2018 there is a connection between that glorious cup of joe and your long-term eye health. I am here to break it down and give you further justification for that daily caffeine fix!

It’s no secret that a large number of adults in America rely on a daily cup of coffee to gain their motivation and help wake them up in the morning. The National Coffee Association mentions, 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week, and 62% drink it every day.

A 2018 study by Cornell University proves that a daily cup can protect against a few different eye problems that can damage your retina.

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Age-related vision loss

Each of these are detailed in other blogs written here. Feel free to brush up on our Eye Care News page!

How does coffee do this?


The Cornell study used mice, not people. BUT it shows regular use of CLA (Chlorogenic Acid), which is found in coffee, the mice who were pretreated with CLA developed no retinal damage during testing. So, because of that finding, it implies that coffee may attribute to strong retinas in humans.


Another big part of coffee we are all very familiar with is caffeine. That little boost we all crave can help with daily eye problems. According to the same study, as well as many others, caffeine is linked to helping to relieve common issues like Dry Eye. It has even been linked to helping stimulate tear production.


While this information is promising and exciting for those of us who love to drink coffee, it is important to always remember to moderate your intake. While it may aid your retina’s long term health there are other bad side effects that excessive intake can cause.

If you are not a usual coffee drinker, we do not recommend forcing yourself to drink it in order to benefit your eye health. For those of us who are regular coffee drinkers, this is just another reason to keep having your magical cup of happiness each morning but remember not to overdo it.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your eye health please call us here at TriCounty Eyes. We want to be a part of every aspect of your eye health journey!