So you have gone to the eye doctor and they have diagnosed you as needing vision correction. Once you have come to this realization you will see that you now have two options to choose from. You can either choose eyeglasses or contact lenses to help correct your vision.

It is important to know that this decision does not have a right or wrong answer, it is usually a matter of prefrence. We just like to keep our patients informed so they can make the best decision for themselves. Hopefully you will come away from this article with a better understanding of what will work better for you

Eye Glasses

Some of the great things about glasses are:

  • They are easy to clean and store
  • They don’t need to be replaced often
  • You don’t have to touch your eyes to wear them
  • There are many frame styles to choose from
  • Lenses are customizable
  • They offer another layer of protection from the elements

Some of the things that aren’t so great about glasses are:

  • They can be more expensive if you need to replace them
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • They don’t cover your entire field of vision
  • Some people don’t like the way the look in them
  • The lenses can fog up or get smudged


Some great things about contacts are:

  • They are less noticeable
  • They give you more freedom of movement
  • They allow you to wear non prescription sunglasses
  • They are less obstructive of your vision
  • They are less expensive to replace

Some not so great things about contacts are:

  • They have a stricter cleaning and storage regimen than glasses
  • Touching your eye to put them in or take them out can be hard
  • If you don’t follow the care rules, it can result in eye health issues
  • They might not help ward off computer eye strain

Can you wear both?

The short answer is yes! A way for you to get the best of both words would be to have the option to wear contacts when you want to and wear glasses when you want to. This way you can benefit from all the great things both have to offer but avoid any of the negative things.

We have a current special running that could help you achieve this. If you purchase a years supply of contact lenses you will also get 50% off complete eye glasses as well as a FREE pair of polarized sunglasses.

We offer the the Acuvue Oasis 1-Day contacts, which can be helpful to ward off computer eye strain issues. These lenses help to keep eyes consistently hydrated.

Which do you prefer?

Now that we have laid out all the good and the bad, let us know which you prefer. Come visit us at TriCounty Eye Associates to pick out your next pair of glasses or order your next shipment of contacts!