That time of year is in vision! Last year’s school year looked very different for most of us. As we are all still getting used to the new normal, it looks as though face-to-face learning will be in full swing for our local school districts.

School is set to start in mid-August, so this is your yearly reminder to make your child’s vision appointment with us!

As kids grow, their vision can change, and yearly appointments to identify those changes can make a difference in your child’s learning.

Some vision skills that are needed to effectively read and learn are:

  • Visual Acuity-this is the ability to see clearly in the distance, up close, and at an intermediate distance.
  • Eye focusing-  maintaining clear vision when changing focus from far away to up close.
  • Eye-tracking- keeping eyes on target if they are looking from one object to another.
  • Eye Teaming-this is the coordination of both eyes to work together and to judge distances.
  • Eye-hand coordination-this is the ability to direct hands by using visual information.
  • Visual perceptions-this is the ability to understand and remember when they read by organizing images into letters.

Your role in your child’s eye health

It is important for parents to spot any possible vision problems as early as possible to avoid learning impairments. One sure-fire way to spot them early is with yearly eye exams. An optometrist is looking for any early signs of issues at each visit. This can help your child learn and progress better than if these possible issues are left undetected. We recommend using the start of school as a good reminder to schedule an exam. This helps to identify any potential issues before the school year begins and make sure your child is set up for success each and every year.

Call us today to schedule your child’s yearly exam!

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