Ever wondered, do these glasses look good on me?? A lot of the time you can tell if glasses are going to work for you just by trying them on, but sometimes with SO MANY choices it can help to have a guide. First look in the mirror, decide what shape your face is. The options are:

  • Oval
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Oblong
  • Diamond

Once you have decided which face shape you have, we have a couple suggestions for what style glasses to try out. 

Oval Face Shape: We suggest trying rectangular frames and cat eye frames.

Square Face Shape: Try round or oval frames to best suit your face shape.

Heart Face Shape: Your face is very versatile, your best option might be oval frames, cat eye or rimless frames

Round Face Shape: Any angular frames like square or rectangle will look good on you.

Oblong Face Shape: Wide aviators and square frames will definitely work for you.

Diamond Face Shape: semi rimless, curvy cat eye, but you can also pull off ones that have a prominent brow line. 

Come check out our wide selection of frames and see which ones look great on your specific face shape.  The team here is always ready to help you pick the best option for you! 

If you do find your perfect pair of glasses, visit our Facebook page and drop a post with a picture of you wearing them!!