Glasses were invented back in the 13th century in Italy. Since then, people wear them to help see better. Some people need them from birth, others develop vision impairment later in life. Some people just need reading glasses as they age to help them continue to work or enjoy a good book.

There is some new research we wanted to tell you about that the AAO released in January of this year. They are experimenting with eye drops as a way to improve eyesight so that you do not need to wear reading glasses. These topical eye drops could ease the burden of having to remember where you left your reading glasses.

The Details

The technical term for needing reading glasses is presbyopia, which is a gradual loss if near vision with age. There are two kind of eye drops they have developed to combat presbyopia.

  1. Miotic Drops – these types of drops will change the size of the pupil which will maximize near and far focus in the eye. This is the first type of drop that is actually FDA-approved.
  2. Lens-Softening Drops – these types of drops combat the stiffening of the clear lens in the eye. It softens the eye’s lens, this flexibility allows the eye to better focus on near objects. This drop would be ideal for someone without cataracts who are at the beginning stages of presbyopia.

How Do They Work?

The miotic drops have been proven to start working thirty minutes after use, and they can last from four to seven hours until the effects start to wear off. The early studies of the lens softening drops suggest they can last years.

Side effects

This is a new development in the eye world. While the Miotic Drops have been FDA approved, the lens softening drops have not been approved yet. The main side effects people reported were headaches, limited vision at night, and depth perception issues.


It is doubtful these eye drops will be covered by insurance, but they are likley to still be less than a pair of glasses.

This is an exciting development for anyone who wears reading glasses. While each person has a different eye health journey it is hopeful that these eye drops can help to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from presbyopia.

Whether you are itching to be on the frontline of technology or comfortable with your glasses, we at TriCounty Eyes are here to serve you!