Use it, don’t Lose it!

If you have vision insurance, you may be unaware that the benefits you have saved this year could potentially disappear at the end of 2020. Let’s be real, 2020 has been tough enough on most of us. Don’t make it worse by losing the benefits you pay for before having the chance to use them!

There are different ways to obtain vision insurance and different types to take advantage of. You may be lucky enough to have it through your employer. In this case, take advantage of all this perk has to offer.

Flexible Spending Account

Sometimes a part of employer-sponsored insurance could be a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If so, it can be an awesome way to set aside money for unexpected medical expenses throughout the year. The money gets set aside pre-tax and can be used it yearly. The only issue with an FSA is that the funds put into that account do not roll over at the end of the year.

Come 01/01/2021 we are all going to be very excited this year is over. But if the money in FSA  is not used before then, you are going to be upset that the money is gone.

How to Use Vision Insurance

Some common uses for FSA that are related to vision would be a yearly eye exam, the cost of glasses, and the cost of contacts. Depending on family size and vision needs these expenses can add up quickly. If funds are already set aside for these expenses, don’t wait! Even with 20/20 vision, things can change so it is always best to get an exam yearly. If you and your family have already gotten your exam, maybe look for a new style of glasses, or make sure you are stocked up on contacts.

We know that this season of the year can be one of the busiest. Between work and school as well as holiday parties and family gatherings it can feel overwhelming to make the appointments needed. A great time to make an appointment would be during winter break while the kids are off. We have two convenient locations so call today to make you and your family appointments!