This time of year is popular for a lot of companies to do their Open Enrollment for benefits. The most common way for people to get vision insurance is through their employer. Most employers will offer plans to cover you and your family.

The overload of insurance information and the different prices can make it seem overwhelming during the open enrollment, so we wanted to point out some of the pros to having vision insurance. Of course, you know you and your family’s needs better than anyone, so that should be your big deciding factor.

Vision insurance is going to vary depending on your employer and the plans they offer. Usually, vision insurance can be limited compared to medical or dental insurance, but it is also known to be much less expensive.

Things to evaluate:

  • Do I or anyone in my family have current vision needs?
  • How much is the monthly cost?
  • Does my preferred provider accept the carrier my employer offers?
  • Will I or anyone in my family have vision needs soon?

All in all, whether you enroll in a vision plan should be based on your needs. Keep in mind the below list of carriers we can guarantee we can accept:

Vision Insurance Plans:

  • Eyemed
  • VSP Vision Care
  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)
  • National Vision Administrators (NVA)
  • Physicians Eyecare Plan
  • Community Eyecare
  • Spectra
  • Superior
  • Davis Vision

Medical Insurance Plans:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • United healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Tricare (standard and prime)
  • Most Medicare plans
  • Many Supplemental Medicare plans
  • Majority Medicaid plans

Should you have any questions about a carrier that isn’t listed here, please call us. We want to be sure we can serve you and your family.

Our main goal is to make sure our patients are well informed when it comes to their eye care. Choosing the right insurance for you is key. Make sure to weigh the monthly cost against the amount of usage you will get out of it.

As always, call us with any questions you may have. We want to be a part of your continued eye health journey and are here for you and your family always!