We here at TriCounty Eye Associates are excited that it is officially summer!  

As of June 21st one of everyone’s favorite seasons is here! With all that is going on in the world these days, we are sure that everyone is ready for a little getaway.

Road Trip!

We are thinking the best option these days is a ROAD TRIP! According to AAA, 100 million Americans took road trips last year…and considering new safety concerns this year, we are betting that number is even higher!

Sometimes, the destination isn’t near as important as the journey to get there. Logging miles in the car to far off destinations, or just going to the next town over could help you to cure your cabin fever. Let’s face it, we are all going a little stir crazy!!

Why Now?

Did you know that while driving almost 90% of your reaction depends on your vision? That’s HUGE. You may be thinking that you have never needed glasses before, so why get tested now?

A couple of signs that you could need glasses are if you notice yourself squinting, getting frequent headaches, or feeling unusually tired. If you have any of these signs frequently happening you could be in need of glasses which will make things easier for you as well as keep you and everyone else on the road safer.

In order to keep you, your family, and everyone on the road safe this summer we want to remind you to get your yearly eye exam in before you head out.

Schedule your exam today!

Whether you have always needed glasses or contacts, or you never have before, your eyes are always changing and you may need a new or updated prescription. It is a good idea to get an eye exam once a year to keep up with your changing vision. Driving without the correct eyewear could put you in a bad situation and we are here to help you avoid that!

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