Make sure your kiddos have all the supplies they need.

This school year is going to look very different for everyone. With the different options and trying to keep everyone safe and up to date with the newest health info. Some kids will be in the classroom setting and some will be e-learning from home. We simply want to remind you to make sure your kiddos have all the supplies they need, including glasses!

Schedule annual eye exams.

Kids should start getting their eyes examined as early as 6 months old. The easiest way for parents to keep track is to schedule the exams yearly around the beginning of the school year. Yearly exams are important to keep up with kids possible changing eyesight and make sure they are well equipped and ready to learn. 

Signs your child may need glasses.

Did you know, that approximately 44% of parents are not aware that some behavior problems could be a product of poor eyesight? If you aren’t sure that your child needs to get glasses here are some good indicators are:

  • Frequent headaches 
  • Short attention span 
  • Avoiding reading and other close activities 
  • Frequent eye rubbing 
  • Tilting the head to one side

If you notice any of these signs it could be because they are having trouble seeing and need glasses or contacts. But, even if there are no apparent signs, it is still a good idea to get an exam yearly to be proactive about possible issues down the road. Eyesight is imperative to the learning process. 

School exams vs. licensed Optometrist

Some schools offer the yearly exams to help identify issues, but there are some important differences between the exams done at school and an exam done by a licensed optometrist. An optometrist checks more than just your child’s vision. Our local stores offer special customized services to help you and your child find the right pair of glasses. 

We also offer blue-light blocking glasses. This is especially important for the kids choosing to learn from home on their computers and tablets. Blue light blocking glasses can help prevent long term issues that could arise later. 

Contact us today!

Call either location today to schedule your child’s yearly eye exam and get them the glasses or contacts they need for the school year. It will be here before you know it!